How do you ensure your résumé responds to all required elements?

If ...

  • You have all the requirements and your application is still unsuccessful;
  • You're unsure of how to effectively present your qualifications in order to advance to the next step;
  • You've tried everything and still can't get invited to an exam;
  • You want tips to streamline your online application and resume;
  • You don't know what to write or include in your resume;
  • The pre-selection process is a mystery and you want to make sure nothing is missing in your resume before it's submitted;
Then the e-book
« The three secrets of the
Federal public service resume »
is for you!
It is the most strategic tool for
opening the doors to
the Federal Public Service!

« The three secrets of the Federal public service resume » has one goal: to get you through the first step of the pre-selection process.

With these 3 powerful secrets, you will learn to decipher a job advertisement then tailor your resume to precisely respond to all the required elements. You'll be better equipped to write a resume that really showcases your attributes and thoroughly convinces the hiring team to retain your candidacy. Results: better understanding, greater efficiency, and fewer frustrations and delays.

Included is a commonly-used grid that selection committees often refer to during the pre-selection stage. Now, it's available to you to help verify whether your resume meets all the requirements of the job advertisement – the first step to success!

« The Three Secrets of the Federal public service resume » will polish your resume and impart a style that is certain to attract the selection committee's attention.

With the arrival of a new staffing modernization act and the concept of creating qualified candidate pools, it is imperative for you to understand how the process works if you want to advance in your organization or pursue your career in the federal public service.

More than E-books!
It's personalized support...

Andree Martineau is a Career Management Specialist with over 8 years of experience working with federal civil servants. Being a former civil servant herself with experience in HR, staffing and career development programs, she had the opportunity to experience first hand - successfully! - competitions and staffing processes before starting her private practice. She is convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and be pre-selected. That's why she designed these books read as if a coach were with you.

"It's as though you were right there speaking to me. Or should I say, « coaching » me? It's alive and we even get a little humour:)"

Jean-Pierre Parisien
Customer service supervisor

Purposely, this book of over 60 pages covers only the curriculum vitae of the federal government for federal public service employees. It serves as a tool to develop the writing skills that result in a comprehensive resume - one that impresses and contains all the information selection committees want. This book details the process of building a strong resume because it's the details that will make all the difference between an accepted resume and a rejected one.

The tone is dynamic, encouraging, and positive. It will stimulate you to act and guide you in the preparation of your documents when you apply for a position in the federal public service.

Over the years, career management expert and coach, Andrée Martineau, realized the futility of criticizing the federal government's selection process. It doesn't help employees get what they really want: the position. The most important thing is to understand how the process works and then write the resume they want!

Since the start of her private practice, Andrée noted all the questions asked by clients and used the answers to shape this e-book.

"I followed your advice and I was selected! It was much easier than I thought. Thank you for making my task simpler with these three keys."

Martine Baribeau
Senior programmer analyst
It is the most strategic tool available
to move up
in the federal public service!

The 3 e-books of the "Virtual Coaching" Series will enable you to:

Clarify the requirements of the job you want
Develop work plans to facilitate the application process and help your job search
Clearly write applications that demonstrate you have the required experience
Optimize the time and energy you invest in your job search
Draw inspiration from a variety of examples

And to ensure that this e-book answers all your questions, you will find included a bonus section at the end:

  • The tips to refresh your resume
  • 5 key strategies for writing your resume
  • 6 mistakes to avoid
  • Examples of a resume that meets a specific offer
Validated and proven
  1. The proposed method in this e-book is the same as that recommended in the individual sessions and the customer always passes the first screening stage (when candidates possess the qualification, of course).
  2. Federal staffing specialists on endowment have validated the information found in this e-book on more than one occasion (Foreign affairs, CIDA' HRSDC)
  3. « The three secrets of the Federal public service resume » have been tested and put into practice by more than 1000 professionals' in the last 5 years
I want to be one of people who know all the secrets of writing a federal public service resume

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PS: Warning - If you apply the secrets and advice contained in this e-book to a position for which you have all the requirements, be assured that your application will be retained and pass the pre-selection step. You will have no choice but to prepare for the exam or interview to come. So be sure to start your preparation as soon as you send your resume because you do not have much time to prepare yourself after you're called!

PPS: Offer for Virtual Coaching Series - The book « The three secrets of the Federal public service resume » is part of the series "Virtual Coaching" to apply for the federal public service. The three books are available as a set whereby the third book, « 12 examples of bilingual candidates » is free.